Git vs Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab

git vs GitHub | git vs Bitbucket | git vs Gitlab


Git is the source control management tool, which manages files by tracking the following

  • Which file has changes and what is the change
  • What file added and what file deleted

Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab

Git provides us to create the local repository to track the change of the single user who created the local git server. We lose these changes or files or commit history when the system gets crashed. We can’t recover from the lost code or repository created locally.

  • Initialize the local git repository and add the remote repository URL
  • Give access to multiple contributors
  • Each contributor can Clone the repository to the local machine
  • Pull changes when other contributors update the remote repository
  • Push changes to the remote repository
  • Reset Back to the commit history as required



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Jinna Balu

Jinna Balu

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