Simulate Cassandra Scenarios

Cassandra High Available Key-value store | multinode cluster

Below are the few queries which we search on the internet related to Cassandra, can be answered with a link below

  • Data loss in Cassandra
  • Quorum Consistency in Cassandra
  • How to define read and write consistency in Cassandra
  • How to illustrate Quorum Formula's example with calculating quorum is `N / 2 + 1` where N is the sum of replication factors in each data center.
  • Archive high availability with Cassandra
  • Tuning Cassandra consistency
  • Distribution of data in Cassandra based on number of nodes and replication factor of the keyspace in a datacenter
  • Cassandra replication factor vs consistency level
  • Multinode cluster configuration in Cassandra
  • 4 Node Cluster setup in Cassandra
  • And so on…

All the above searches on the internet can be answered with the following link. I must the guy who wrote this formula.




Devops Architect, Practising Natural Farming

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Jinna Balu

Jinna Balu

Devops Architect, Practising Natural Farming

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